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Bitzer screw chiller

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Keno's screw-type (water-cooled) chiller use:
◆ Mold Cooling in Plastic Industry
◆ Electroplating bath cooling
Ultrasonic cleaning fluid cooling
◆ Chemical Industry Various Cooling
◆ Various cooling in food industry
◆ Various industries central air conditioning
◆Industry dust-free workshop cooling thermostat
Water-cooled screw chiller features:
World Famous Brand Compressors
Adopt Germany Bisel/Taiwan Fusheng/Hanzhong semi-hermetic screw compressor and imported twin-screw series compressor. Twin screw 5:6 gear ratio and advanced linear design save energy and high efficiency.
Efficient valve energy control to achieve graded or stepless control. Balanced design, ultra-quiet operation.
Strict handling of moving parts, special design of oil balance at the exhaust, long maintenance cycle, and more than 40,000 hours of trouble-free operation.
High-efficiency oil separator, with less than 1.5% exhaust gas, effectively improves the heat transfer between two devices, and is more energy-saving and durable.
New High Efficiency Evaporator
Japan Kobe's newest high-efficient internal-threaded copper tube enhances heat transfer and is more energy efficient.
Using the latest CAD/CAM design and processing technology, the CNC machining center is manufactured with a compact structure, small size, and durability. The U-shaped heat exchange tube bundle can be internally pumped to clean the internal scale for easy maintenance.
Dry evaporator, easy to return oil, improve compressor life and system reliability.
Water-cooled condenser
Kobe, Japan's newest efficient external thread copper tube production, heat dissipation, small size.
The use of the latest CAD/CAM design and processing technology, with CNC machining center production, compact structure, high reliability. Beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving.
Microprocessor Control System
Industrial-grade PLC unit centralized control, with the energy-adjusting system of the compressor, can accurately control the matching of cooling capacity and cooling load of the unit in time to ensure that the unit runs with optimum efficiency and reduces operating costs. Internal integrated water, low temperature, high and low pressure, antifreeze, phase loss, delay
When starting, reverse phase, overload, motor overheating, oil pressure difference and many other safety protection and processing functions. The Chinese-language operation interface (with Chinese-English translation) and menu-style prompts allow you to arbitrarily set the operating status of the unit and home appliances.
Easy to install
1) Balanced safety, low vibration, simple installation;
2) Compact structure, small footprint, light weight and easy handling;
3) Complete a variety of performance tests before leaving the factory, complete wiring, reduce installation time and costs.
Run reliably
1) The unit adopts multiple refrigeration circuits;
2) Realize the interlocking control of the water system and the unit;
3) Compressor unloading step-down startup, starting current is small;
4) The motor adopts the world's most advanced Japan PTC thermal protection, and the protection is more sensitive and reliable.
Water-cooled screw chiller parameters table
Model KNR- 110WS 150WS 180WS 210WS 280WS 310WS 360WS 430WS
Cooling capacity X1000kal/h 95 129 155 181 241 267 310 370
Kw 110 150 180 210 280 310 360 430
Ton 31.3 42.6 51.2 59.7 79.6 88.1 102.4 122.3
Voltage 3PH-380V-50/60HZ
Compressor Power KW twenty two 30 36 41 56 61 70 85
Operating current A 38 51 61 70 95 103 119 145
Energy regulation 0-33%-66%-100% 0-25%-50%-75%-100%
protective device Phase sequence protection, over-current protection, ice protection, exhaust temperature protection, high and low pressure protection, flow protection, safety valve
Condenser Shell and tube
Condenser inlet and outlet diameter 2-1/2" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4"
Cooling water flow (m3/h) 22.7 31 37.2 43.2 57.8 63.8 74 88.6
Evaporator Shell and tube
Evaporator inlet and outlet diameter 2-1/2" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4"
Frozen water flow (m3/h) 18.9 25.8 31 36.1 48.2 53.3 61.9 74
Dimensions (MM) L 2200 2250 2350 2450 2500 2900 2900 2950
W 800 800 800 900 900 900 900 900
H 1500 1600 1650 1750 1800 1800 1850 1950
Weight (kg) 960 990 1260 1380 1520 1700 1800 2050
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