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Air-cooled screw chiller

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1. The use of world-famous imported original semi-hermetic screw compressors, compared with the traditional reciprocating compressor, features high efficiency, quiet operation, simple operation, long service life, etc.
2. The use of world famous brand refrigeration components to ensure the unit's quality and stable operation;
3. Evaporators and condensers adopt the latest high-efficiency threaded copper tubes for heat transfer, high heat transfer coefficient, and high heat exchange efficiency for tube evaporation and tube condensation to ensure good refrigeration performance of the unit;
4. Independent refrigeration circuit can be independently maintained and overhauled without affecting the use of the whole machine;
5, the unit can achieve intelligent program control according to the load demand: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% (or start), 0, save energy;
6, security protection function is complete, ensure the stable operation of the machine;
7. The unit vibration is very small, the foundation does not need vibration isolation measures, installation is simple;
Keno Air-cooled Screw Unit Features:
High performance copper tube water-cooled shell tube evaporator;
Efficient copper tube set aluminum fin + low noise axial fan;
PLC precision control panel;
Freezer cryogenic protection;
Anti-freeze switch;
Operating status;
Thermal expansion valve;
LCD panel;
Time display;
Fault display;
Compressor suction/exhaust pressure;
Imported dry filter;
Precise temperature control range;
Keno Air-cooled Screw Chilling Unit Uses:
◆ Electroplating bath cooling;
Ultrasonic cleaning fluid cooling;
◆ Chemical industry cooling;
◆ Various cooling in the food industry;
◆Industry dust-free workshop cooling constant temperature;
◆ Various industries central air conditioning;
◆ Mold cooling in the plastics industry;
◆Electronic laser equipment cooling.
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